Monthly Archives: August 2013

It’s All How You See It

This week, our class focused on reading five different medieval poems, including “The Wanderer,” which my group was assigned.` The first day the poems were assigned, I was surprised to find out that I had to read the poems several times to get even a vague idea of what the poems were about, or, what […]

Different Transcriptions of Beowulf

This past week, Dr. Comber has had us do a variety of things, from reading different transcriptions of¬†Beowulf¬†and comparing them, to learning about the history of the Medieval time periods through her amazing PowerPoints. What I was particularly interested in was how I got very different impressions from the two transcriptions that we read. We […]

Art Museum Trip

During our trip to the David Owsley Museum of Art, we observed many paintings from the Medieval Era that, it seemed to me, shared many common characteristics. I think that the most obvious one is that religion played a very major part in the Medieval times. I didn’t realize that there was going to be […]

Medieval Literature

This will be my blog for Dr. Comber’s Medieval Literature class.