Monthly Archives: September 2013

Contradictions between Chaucer’s Characters and Medieval Reality

This past week, our Medieval Literature class finished reading “The Canterbury Tales,” by Geoffrey Chaucer. I personally thought it was an entertaining book to read, and found many of the stories quite amusing. The last few days, we talked about different aspects of the stories that could be related to other texts that we have […]

Courtly Love

This week, Dr. Comber divided our class into five groups. My group’s subject was about┬ácourtly love. I especially found this topic interesting because of two factors. One being that it had quite a bit to do with my specialty area, which is the progression of music from the Anglo-Saxon period to the High Middle Ages. […]

Our Actual Monsters

This week, we focused on two different readings, one of which was Jeffrey Cohen’s “Monster Theory.” As I read this article last night, it made me think about how it could compare to real life situations. Even though I am still confused about some of the parts of “Monster Theory,” I believe that I have […]